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The European Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine

“Paving the Way to Personalized Diagnostics & Therapy”

Previous Events on Sunday, June 22, 2014 • General Assembly of the European Society for Nanomedicine (15.30 h) • Meeting of the International Society for Nanomedicine (16.30 h) • Editorial Board Meeting of the European Journal of Nanomedicine (18.00 h – 19.00 h)
Welcome Dinner for Speakers & Guests (19.45 Swissôtel Le Plaza, 1st Floor)


The European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine (CLINAM), the European Society for Nanomedicine and the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) invite you to participate in CLINAM 7/ 2014, the 7thEuropean Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine. The now indispensable worldwide platform brings together Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine into the generic context with Personalized Medicine and offers the international debate on precise, highly effective novel medicine using Nanomedicine and Targeted Delivery for Diagnosis and Therapy, leading to individualized therapy. The translation process from research findings to applications in Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine has gained significant momentum. The progress to the “medicine of the future” and towards individualized medicine is underway. CLINAM 7/ 2014 is the place to push the borders of the state of the art. In the past decades, biotechnology, systems biology and nanomedicine have developed in separate tracks, but it is increasingly evident that their combination is of particular benefit to clinical medicine: We see the rapidly growing context of a whole set of technologies and applications belonging together in order to develop medicine that originates at the molecular, nanoscale and cellular level and will eventually lead to personalized medicine, customized on patient groups and ultimately individuals via molecular profiling. The Communities from Academia, Government, Health Economy and Industry are called to Participate in this Summit.

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Programme Wednesday, June 25, 2014_______________________ 13

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Scientific Committee of the Conference

Prof. Dr. med. Patrick Hunziker, University Hospital Basel (CH) (Chairman)

Prof. Dr. Yechezkel Barenholz, Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem (IL)

Beat Löffler, MA, European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine (CLINAM), Basel (CH)

Prof. Dr. Gert Storm, Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht University, Utrecht (NL)

Prof. Dr. Marisa Papaluca Amati, European Medicines Agency, London (GB)

Prof. Dr. med. Janos Szebeni, Bay Zoltan Ltd. and Semmelweis/Miskolc Universities, Budapest (HU)

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Alexiou, University Hospital Erlangen (DE)

Prof. Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr, Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland,(HIPS), Saarbrucken (DE)

Patrick Boisseau, European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine ETPN. Grenoble (FR)

Prof. Dr. Viola Vogel, Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology, ETH, Zürich (CH)

Prof. Dr. Jan Mollenhauer, University of Southern Denmark and NanoCAN, Odense (DK)

Dr. Yanay Ofran, Systems Biology & Functional Genomics, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan (IL)

Prof. Dr. Gerd Binnig Founder of Definiens Inc., Nobel Laureate, München (DE)


Joint Collaborators of the 7th Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine

European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine (CLINAM), Basel (CH)

European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN), Berlin (DE)

International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology, Focus Group “Drug Delivery” (APV), Mainz (DE)

European Society for Nanomedicine (ESNAM), Basel (CH)

International Society for Nanomedicine (ISNM) Basel (CH)

Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS), Saarbrucken (DE)

BioNanoNet Research Association" (BioNanoNet), Graz (AT)

EU, Directorate-General for Research & Innovation (RTD), Brussels (BE)

European Association for Predictive and Preventive and Personalized Medicine (EPMA) Brussels (BE)

European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine (EPPM), Hull (GB)

European Materials Research Society (E-MRS), Strasbourg (F)

The Foundation

The European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine is a non-profit institution aiming at advancing medicine to the benefit of individuals and society through the application of nanoscience. Aiming at prevention, diagnosis, and therapy through nanomedicine as well as at exploration of its implications, the Foundation reaches its goals through support of clinically focussed research and of interaction and information flow between clinicians, researchers, the public, and other stakeholders. The recognition of the large future impact of nanoscience on medicine and the observed rapid advance of medical applications of nanoscience have been the main reasons for the creation of the Foundation.

Nanotechnology for Medicine

Nanotechnology is generally considered as the key technology of the 21st century. It is an interdisciplinary scientific field focusing on methods, materials, and tools on the nanometer scale, i.e. one millionth of a millimeter. The application of this science to medicine seeks to benefit patients by providing prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment for prevalent, for disabling, and for currently incurable medical conditions.